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● What pelvic health professionals say about our products
● How they use them for young women
● How they use them for women in perimenopause/menopause

Will Damiva Mae work for me? Watch this video…

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Damiva is the unique, safe, chemical free brand in the market of vaginal and labial moisturizers. Unique because all other brands use chemicals in their lubes and moisturizers. We use no chemicals.

Now, you might wonder why that’s crucial. Here’s the thing: chemicals can meddle with our intricate hormone systems – those very systems that play a role in everything from our reproductive cycles to our aging process, being or becoming pregnant, our skin’s glow, body weight, love life, and even the deep bonds we share. That’s quite a lot, right? Why would you risk putting chemicals on your body? There is no need to.

Our products soothe, moisturizes, balance the pH and support the skin flora and the natural skin barrier, 100% all-natural, with zero chemicals.

Damiva products are made in the USA and work for
● Post Partum
● Menopause, Perimenopause
● After menstruation
● During taking certain medications (such as oral contraceptives, antidepressants, and antihistamines) and during / after cancer therapy (consult with the doctor)
● After certain activities, for example swimming.

They are made to help women from feeling unhappy, anxious, dry, and sandpaper to silky, smooth and feeling normal and happy again in everyday activities.

Damiva’s labial & vaginal moisturizers are
● pH balanced for the vagina, labia respectively
● 100% all natural, with no chemicals
● recommended by pelvic health practitioners, menopause practitioners and physicians across Canada and the United States

The leading Damiva products include Mae, a vaginal suppository, and Cleo, a labial balm. Mae & Cleo are more than just a vaginal & moisturizers; they’re your allies for intimate natural health, rediscovering joy, cultivating comfort, and even igniting sparks of intimacy and rekindled romance. They are your companions in rejoicing in your femininity at every stage of life.

They are used for moisturizing the vaginal wall, introitus, clitoris, perineum and labia and are trusted and recommended by pelvic health practitioners, menopause practitioners and physicians across Canada and the United States. Damiva’s products are part of the pelvic health training curriculum in Canada. Cleo and Mae are shelf-stable for 3 and 5 years due to anhydrous, water-free formulations that prevent bacterial growth.

Damiva – “The Only Water-Free”

Damiva is leading a unique way way in women’s care and skincare, focusing on all the important stages of a woman’s life. Our special approach is that we don’t use chemicals. How do we achieve what others don’t without harmful chemicals?

Our patented superpower is: We do NOT use water in our products.

Because Water is a potential breeding ground for bacteria. This is why cremes, lotions, moisturizers, balms that contain water require chemical preservatives that kill bacteria and microbes. The problem is: These chemicals are toxic. And you know what toxic chemicals do to your skin and health. And the environment.

Our products are made with 100% plant oils and plant butters – we don’t dilute them with water and then put harmful chemicals in.

We offer a safe kind of fem care and skin care. We believe that safety, long-term safety, is not a privilege; it’s a right. Every woman deserves products free from hormone disruptors and harmful chemicals. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about genuine health, authentic beauty, and unbridled joy.

Join us in celebrating the natural, authentic, timeless beauty of every woman!