Enhance YOUR pelvic patients’ healing skills with our FemTech online solution.

As a pelvic therapist, your female chronic pelvic pain (CPP) patients typically present after years of medical tests, procedures, injections, and even surgery. They tend to catastrophize, and most have developed central sensitization: their neuroimmune system is upregulated, and their brain has become overprotective.  

My FemTech product, PelvicSense, offers a solution for your patients to do concurrently with your medical care. 

The online home program is a biopsychosocial pelvic healing approach that teaches pain science, guided mind & body exercises, and strategies to help reduce central sensitization and reverse pelvic muscle hypertonicity that typically drives persistent pelvic pain. 

As a pelvic PT for 27+ years, educator, and researcher, I know that many women with CPP are challenged to locate/afford or maintain consistency to attend pelvic physical therapy sessions. 

The wait time for our Initial Evaluation can be months long, and our schedules are booked, so regular weekly visits are nearly impossible. We may need more time during our sessions or feel uncomfortable teaching pain neuroscience and how to do soothing mind exercises while providing our manual and movement therapies.

Giving patients multiple research articles, websites, and apps may supplement their knowledge, but it can be overwhelming for them to implement. 

To support my colleagues and boost CPP patients’ healing, I designed a one-stop platform, an affordable online pelvic healing home program based on neuroscience principles and my personal experience treating patients. 

PelvicSense offers 24/7 access to curated pain science education, evidence-based self-care techniques, and a full range of mind & body exercises concurrently with your care. Our Silver offer costs a $47 monthly subscription on their computer, phone, or app. 

PelvicSense is proud to be part of the FemTech revolution and is currently in research by a world-renowned women’s sexual health PI. 

All pelvic physical therapists can receive our free PelvicSense Practitioner Demo to review, and show patients. Here’s the link: Request a 20-minute Zoom demo with Evelyn Hecht, PT, Founder:

What pelvic practitioners are saying: 

One of the best resources I have found is PelvicSense. It is remarkably good for virtually all of our patients. Many say it is a game-changer“‘ Dr. Robert Echenberg, MD, of The Echenberg Institute specializes in pelvic, genital, and sexual pain disorders.

Luminaries Carolyn Vandyken, Physiotherapist, Co-Founder of Reframe Rehab and Judith Thompson, Physiotherapist, Ph.D. Founder of Body Logic are both educators, researchers and each have practiced pelvic therapy for over 30 years. They highly recommend PelvicSense to patients and pelvic therapy colleagues. 

Empower your patients to do an easy-to-follow home program to enhance their healing and improve patient outcomes. I look forward to supporting your excellent medical care as patients regain a better quality of life. 

Be part of the Femtech revolution!

Evelyn Hecht, PT, Founder of PelvicSense