Perimom Perineal Massager


Perimom was designed to empower women to do
perineal massage on their own.

Perimom is an FDA-registered perineal massager that is designed to make
perineal massage simple. Finally, perineal massage is simple to do.

1. Designed to easily bypass the baby bump
The unique design allows to easily bypass the bump and reach the perineum at the right angle

2. Extra comfort with a smooth thumb-shaped tip
A smooth tip enables less friction when doing the massage, and a more comfortable experience

3. Ergonomic handle for less strain on the wrist
A convenient handle allows to stroke the perineum continuously and effortlessly like a traditional massage

4. Less mess with a dedicated oil channel
A dedicated oil channel helps reduce spills and mess

We are excited to discuss collaboration with pelvic floor PTs

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