SI-BONE, Inc. is a medical device company dedicated to solving musculoskeletal disorders of the sacropelvic anatomy. Founded in 2008, the company pioneered the surgical treatment of the sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction with the iFuse Implant System®. (

SI Joint Dysfunction

  • Causes of (SI joint pain may be due to disruption (e.g., childbirth, trauma) and/or degeneration. SI joint dysfunction may cause pain in the buttocks, lower back or spine, pelvis and groin, and even the legs. Pain may be similar to other conditions of the lumbar spine, pelvis, and hip.
  • Diagnosis begins with a complete patient history, physical examination, and positive provocative maneuvers (see poster) that stress the SI joint. SI joint dysfunction is confirmed with an intra-articular diagnostic injection.


LBP and SI Joint Poster
LBP and SI Joint Poster
iFuse-3D Implant
iFuse-3D Implant

iFuse Implant System® – Method of Choice for SI Joint Fusion®

When non-surgical management fails to provide patients with lasting relief of symptoms, surgical options such as fusion of the SI joint should be considered. Minimally invasive SI joint fusion with the iFuse Implant System® typically involves the placement of 3 implants across the joint.

The iFuse implant’s unique triangular geometry provides immediate stabilization, while the 3D-printed porous titanium surface facilitates bone ingrowth and ongrowth. With more than 60,000 procedures, 2,500 treating surgeons, and 100+ publications including level 1 randomized controlled trials, iFuse is the leading choice for surgical treatment.

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