VuVa tech


Tara Langdale-Schmidt is the inventor of the VuVa Neodymium Vaginal Dilator set. Prior to inventing the VuVa Vaginal Dilators, Tara suffered with Vulvodynia for 4 years. After countless hours of searching for treatments, Tara found vaginal dilators a successful treatment for pelvic pain.  From Tara’s previous positive experience using magnets to reduce back and neck nerve pain after a car accident, she had the idea to incorporate neodymium magnets into a dilator set for pelvic pain. Due to her reduction in pain and positive feedback from doctors, Tara created VuVatech, a company dedicated to helping women with pelvic pain. Her story has been shared across the globe in many publications such as Glamour Magazine, SELF, BBC, Huffington Post and more.

Tara chose to have her product made and shipped right from her own community of Sarasota, FL to create and secure local jobs. By having her product line manufactured locally, she can oversee production and quality. Women’s health and safety is the number one priority for her company VuVatech.